• Association Of Microfinance Institutions Of Uganda
  • Association Of Microfinance Institutions Of Uganda
  • Association Of Microfinance Institutions Of Uganda
  • Association Of Microfinance Institutions Of Uganda
  • Association Of Microfinance Institutions Of Uganda
  • Association Of Microfinance Institutions Of Uganda
National Microfinance Conference 2015

Click here to register for the National Microfinance Conference 2015. In 2012, AMFIU and the Government of Uganda, through the Microfinance department of the Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic Development agreed to jointly host the annual conference every two years, in effect taking it beyond targeting AMFIU members to focusing on all the sector shareholders. This has given the conference a national character and provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in deliberating the national focus. The themes and sub-themes over the last 4 years demonstrate a big commitment, share important topics and events that shape the microfinance industry in Uganda and beyond.

In effect the Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic Development, Financial Services department and AMFIU have organised a National Microfinance Conference slated for 29th – 30th January 2015 at Hotel Africana, Kampala. The theme for this year is 'Financial Inclusion in a Regulated Environment in the East African Community'.

Deliberations will revolve around the following objectives;

  1. Defining financial inclusion, and explaining what it really means from different perspectives in the East African context and how to harmonize the different policies and regulatory frameworks to enhance financial inclusion in the region
  2. Sharing experiences on how implementation of the policies/regulatory frameworks has enhanced or stifled financial inclusion in the region.
  3. How to coordinate the various financial inclusion initiatives in the region and keep track on the progress in this area
  4. Forging away forward on how to enhance financial inclusion at the East African regional level.

Registration is now in progress online, at AMFIU office and Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic Development, Financial Services department.

Download the Provisional Conference Programme

Welcome to AMFIU

The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU) is an umbrella organisation of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Uganda. AMFIU was founded in November 1996, through the collaboration of several organisations with interest in microfinance. The main reasons for its establishment were the felt need for MFIs to have a common voice; to lobby government for favourable policies; to share information and experiences; and to link up and network with both local and international actors.

AMFIU is a member-founded and member-owned institution.  Membership as of December 2013 stands at 124 members. This includes 91 ordinary members (MFIs) and 33 associate members (Other institutions and individuals supporting micro finance activities). Full directory can be downloaded from the members sections.

Ordinary membership comprises any legally constituted organisation, whose activities focus on the direct provision of financial services to the informal, micro or small-scale enterprise sector in Uganda. This includes formal sector banks, credit institutions, Microfinance Deposit-taking Institutions (MDIs), Non deposit taking MFIs and SACCOs. Associate membership comprises institutions that promote micro finance eg other apex insititutions, wholesalers of funds, regional network organisations, capacity building suppliers, such as consultants, private sector development centers (DPCs) etc. There is also a provision for individual associate membership for people carrying out activities directly or indirectly related to microfinance.


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AMFIU members are divided into three groups.  Ordinary Members, Associate Members (organizations) and Individual Associate Members. Read More.

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AMFIU publishes a directory of all micro-finance institutions in Uganda. To view or download the current MFI directory for 2013/2014, please Click here.

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