Application Process

The application process to become either an ordinary or an associate member of AMFIU consists of the following steps:

Fill in an application form.
Submit the completed application form to the AMFIU-secretariat, together with 1) a copy of the memorandum and articles of association; 2) copy of the certificate of registration and 3) brochure, latest annual report, and/or portfolio overview (if available).
A staff member of the Secretariat will visit the applicant in its physical location of operation, to check whether the applicant fulfils the eligibility criteria.
The management of the Secretariat will prepare a recommendation for the Board of Directors of AMFIU.

Download Application

Application for for ordinary members can be downloaded here

Application for for ordinary members can be downloaded here


After approval by the Board of Directors, the applicant will be informed on the decision. If the application is successful, then the membership fees and annual subscription fees become payable.
When the membership and subscription fees have been received by the Secretariat, the applicant has become a member of AMFIU. The new member will receive a Certificate of Membership, and will have full access to AMFIU's services and activities
Must be involved in microfinance as (part of) its core business.

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