AMFIU Membership

Eligibility Criteria

All MFIs that have operated for 2 years and more may be eligible to AMFIU membership. For application, a filled form plus business plan, audited accounts and registration certificate need to be submitted. AMFIU will then visit the applicants and appraise them based on the eligibility criteria below.

Ordinary Members

Must have a valid certificate of incorporation (legal entity) in Uganda and/or a certificate of registration with the NGO-Board
Must have a clear institutional set-up that is transparent and democratic.
Must conduct business with the highest degree of professionalism.
Must be in good working relations with local authorities, target communities, other actors in the microfinance industry and other development partners.
Must put the clients/communities at the centre of the operations, i.e. clients must have a right to be heard.
Must have a clear physical address (as well as clear postal address).
Must be involved in microfinance as (part of) its core business.
Must be committed to AMFIU’s Code of Conduct.
Must be willing to be independently audited.
Must be willing to pay membership and annual subscription fees to AMFIU as per resolution of the General Assembly.
Must not be involved in any dubious activities that could disgrace the microfinance industry.

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