Client Protection

The over all objective of this programme is to build capacity of institutions in the 7 Princciples of Client Protection to promote transparency between MFIs and their clients for greater efficiency and a market driven industry.

Information Collection and Dissemination

AMFIU has positioned itself as the information hub of the microfinance industry in Uganda. This is being done through researches, baseline studies, and establishment of a microfinance resource centre and consolidating performance monitoring tool (PMT) data through a central database, the performance monitoring system (PMS).

Microfinance and Disability

This is a programme which is being implemented to create equal opportunities for People With Disabilities (PWDs) to access financial services.

Microfinance and HIV

Microfinance continues to play an important role in ensuring that relevant and affordable financial services are extended to low income households who have limited access to services offered by ‘traditional’/conventional financial institutions.

Digital Financial Services

Digital Financial Services (DFS) has captivated the Microfinance Industry in Uganda and key stakeholders and  can be an effective delivery channel for improving access to and usage of financial services, where the high cost of building and operating traditional bank branches has been a major obstacle for reaching remote, sparely-populated communities.

Research and Advocacy

This programme focuses on conducting studies on contemporary issues in microfinance and publishing success stories and best practices at industry and institutional levels.

Capacity Building

AMFIU organizes lateral learning workshops, trainings especially in areas of governance, use of the performance monitoring (PMT) etc.

Performance and Monitoring

The Performance Monitoring Tool(PMT) 2009 is essentially a tool to capture data from an institution’s accounting and portfolio system via an input form or an import function; based on this data it creates financial reports and ratios to be used by an institution’s management.

Complaint Handling

The complaints handling system at AMFIU provides a service to the public by undertaking the resolution of complaints that are raised by consumers of financial service providers in Uganda.

Water Supply and Sanitation

AMFIU entered into partnership with an American NGO Water.Org to support AMFIU members in developing a Water Credit loan facility. The Water Credit facility addresses the social performance impact of the institutions towards the client.

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