UGAFODE Microfinance Limited (MDI) has partnered with AMFIU to provide financial literacy education to refugees in Nakivale Refugee Camp. The goal of this initiative is to support refugees and host communities in improving their financial management skills, engaging with financial products and services, and creating sustainable income-generating opportunities.

UGAFODE Microfinance Limited (MDI) is one of the institutions extending financial services to refugees and host communities. By working with AMFIU, UGAFODE aims to enhance the resilience and self-reliance of both refugees and host communities through tailored financial literacy training programs.

This collaboration aligns with the Bank of Uganda’s emphasis on financial literacy as a key driver of financial inclusion, particularly for vulnerable groups like Uganda’s refugee population. The training sessions conducted by UGAFODE and AMFIU have focused on equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, business development, and digital literacy.

The recent training in Nakivale refugee settlement benefited a total of 2016 refugees, with 956 male and 1060 female participants. This effort underscores the commitment of UGAFODE and AMFIU to empower refugees and host communities with the tools needed to build financial resilience and achieve self-reliance.