Our Strategy

AMFIU – Our Strategy

AMFIU implements activities based on a strategic plan. The current strategy runs 2022 – 2026 and below is the snap shot of the plan



Flagship Services

  • Digital financial literacy to improve usage of DFS among customers of MFIs

  • Training and providing technical assistance to microfinance institutions/ SACCOs and their clients in financial literacy, business skills development,

  • Capacity building in green microfinance, water credit

  • Microfinance sector performance monitoring

  • Financial inclusion (enhancing access to financial services for vulnerable groups, promoting socially oriented financial products)

  • Entrepreneurship skills development for refugees using simulation models

  • Training and capacity building (governance, business skills, financial literacy, risk management, Digital Financial Services, product development, strategic planning, farm record keeping etc)

  • Social Performance management and consumer protection

  •  Information dissemination to and about the sector

  • Lobby and advocacy on behalf of the sector

  • Research on topical issues

Key Target Group

  • AMFIU ordinary members (MFIs and SACCOs)

  • Wholesale lenders

  • Government

  • Development partners

  • Other financial services providers in the microfinance sector

  • Customers of MFIs/SACCOs

  • Vulnerable groups ( refugees, person with disabilities, youth, women)

Delivery Channels

  • Physical

  • Virtual

Competitive Advantages

  • Recognized industry association

  • Sound institutional governance

  • Professionalism

  • Skilled personnel