Microfinance and Disability

Disability Inclusion

This is a programme which is being implemented to create equal opportunities for People With Disabilities (PWDs) to access financial services. AMFIU partnered with National Union of Disabled persons of Uganda, NUDIPU, and NAD the funding partner, to promote equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities to access financial services. The program rebranded into the i-SAVE economic empowerment program that is taking a more integrated approach through strategies of; promotion of access to formal financial services, entrepreneurship skills development as well assess to informal financial services, the we Can manage project of VSLA.The iSAVE program works with local communities to encourage the establishment of village savings and credit groups. The groups are self-selected and managed by persons with disabilities, but also include non-disabled members such as caretakers of persons with disabilities and other people in the community. These groups are then engaged in extensive training on how to develop and maintain a savings and credit group that is member-owned and self-managed. Being village-based, it has no external liabilities, and all profit from interest is kept within the group. When the group reaches a certain level of maturity the members are linked to formal financial services (i.e. licensed microfinance institutions – MFIs).

A number of activities have been implemented and these include sensetisation of MFIs to be sensitive to the financial needs of the PWDs and therefore tap their market potential. The PWDs are also sensitised to be economically active and therefore be able to access financial services. This have seen a big progress in Inclusion of persons with disabilities in financial services. More institutions have come up to commit to work with the Programme so that they are technically supported to make their services disability Inclusive. MOUs have been signed with a number of MFIs as a sign of commitment to the cause.

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