AMFIU, known for its physical training sessions, has faced limitations in reaching a wider audience due to resource constraints. To overcome this challenge and enhance engagement with members, AMFIU has unveiled an innovative online training platform. This platform not only facilitates hybrid training sessions but also serves as an information hub for members and smallholder farmers alike.

Officially launched during the quarter by the State Minister for Microfinance, the platform garnered attention from key stakeholders including BOU, UMRA, ISS, Ministry of Finance, and member institutions. It offers a diverse range of courses including Farmer Enterprise Management, Business Skills, and Farm Records Management. Moreover, it incorporates real-life experiences of smallholder farmers in effective record-keeping practices.

With this initiative, AMFIU aims to democratize access to quality training, enabling authorized users to seamlessly access modules tailored to the needs of farmers. This move signifies a significant step towards fostering inclusive growth and empowerment within the agricultural community.

In addition to the current course offerings, AMFIU plans to expand the platform with a plethora of new courses covering various topics crucial for the advancement of its members and smallholder farmers. These upcoming courses will delve into areas such as client protection, governance, risk management, and more. By diversifying its curriculum, AMFIU aims to address the multifaceted needs of its stakeholders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable growth and resilience in an ever-evolving landscape. This expansion underscores AMFIU’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and empowerment to the microfinance and agricultural sectors.